Thursday, 11 September 2014

Taste Of Europe- Botticino

I have always been a fan of this concept of Restaurant Week. A three course meal, specially curated on half the prices, what’s not to like about it?  And the good part is, a lot of companies and restaurants alike are taking to this concept. It brings the common us closer to fine dinners and lunches, while not creating a huge blow on the wallet! When European Union got together city restaurants to start with a festival, #TasteofEurope- showcasing the European cuisines, I couldn’t help but try it out. I chose a 5 star setting- Trident BKC played a gracious host to my very satisfying and generous portions of Lunch.

My idea about dining out is simple- good food, good company and prompt service. And somehow the Saturday lunch catered to all these points quite well. Executive Chef Ashish Bhasin played a gracious host to the afternoon giving us tid bits about his everyday kitchen struggles and the western influence on the very Indian palettes he has catered to along his 16 years of chef-giri.

It wasn’t the first time I have been to botticino. I have had a memorable birthday dinner before, with the perfectly cooked quail and a creamy delicious portion of osso buco. So obviously I had pretty high hopes and was actually wanting to try something unique, especially made for this festival. Somehow, that was not the case and that was pretty much my only grudge from the afternoon. For a usual diner to the restaurant, there was no way for them to know of the ongoing festival, until the servers tell them about it.
Food was good just as expected, I had a pretty generous serving of salad of mixed greens with poached egg and chicken ham. Having loved the flavour of rocket or romaine, I was a bit disappointed to find big bunch of lettuce on my plate. But the egg was cooked perfectly and the strong flavours of rocket would have gone best with the dressing as so. Husband tried the Panzella which was quite flavourful and packed with beans and veggies.
After the salad course we were served a dollop of Chenin Blanc and red current Sorbet as a palette cleanser. This was the best thing I had tasted that afternoon and I could have had a bowl of just that for my dessert. It was perfectly balanced, not too sweet, strong wine flavour and a burst of fruitiness through the cranberries.
For mains we had a soft buttery slow roasted chicken and jus which was just about perfect! Juicy and tender, it seemed just right and wonderfully flavoured. Husband took the chilly and fennel crusted snapper which came with an orange reduction. Perfectly balanced again, I could find no faults with the dish.

Desserts had 2 options of Tiramisu and Chocolate Marquise which were served with berry and orange sorbet respectively. This course was my biggest disappointment as I was expecting a much grander and different desserts menu, with some predominant but unique Italian flavours. Chocolate marquise was soft and supple. The Tiramisu had a good portion of mascarpone with a soft chocolate sponge to layer with. Fairly average desserts though the acompanimemts were a great addition to the desserts plate. The 2 sorbets were strongly flavoured and so creamy that you would forget its just the ice. Orange sorbet was served with a very flavourful kafir lime syrup, which made it the most delectable dessert to choose. Though personally I would have liked the sorbets a bit less sweet, but husband was rather satisfied and didn’t mind to share my portion as well.
So for me, the sorbets were the stellar standout of the afternoon.

Where- Botticino, Trident BKC.
When- Lunch and Dinner
Price- 1800 plus taxes/person


Panzanella Grilled focaccia and pickled onions
Roman style minestrone
Salad of mixed greens with poached eggs and chicken
French Onion Soup

Red currant and Chenin Blanc sorbet

Tomato Rigatoni with eggplant and mozzarella
Spinach and ricotta crepes with bell pepper reduction and parmesan
Slow roast chicken with glazed vegetables and garlic pepper jus
Chili and fennel crusted snapper with olive, potato and orange sauce
Irish Stew

Tiramisu with berry sorbet

Chocolate marquise with orange sorbet

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