Thursday, 4 September 2014

All that Jazz and Spirit!!

Those were the days when you would go to an uncle’s house and have uncle chips and cold drinks while the adults chill with a cup of tea. Parties meant something easy, an easy not bothered atmosphere was created without much of a problem. The ladies were busy in kitchen, men in the drawing room and kids chilling in the bedroom watching TV, looking at western parties with flowing bars and awesome music. Cut to this generation, and we have successfully got all of those enactments to life, in an Indian setting. Today every house I get invited to has an impressive bar, and alcohol flows freely and heartily. After all, in this day and age, alcohol is the spirit of a rolling party.

I have guests over, my bar flows freely too. Some are seasoned enough to stick to their whiskey on rocks, while others are prey to my ever experimentative cocktails. I have a rule of thumb, never mix a very elaborate drink that you get all confused on how to make 2nd glass of the same. After-all when you are down one drink, life just seems so wonderful when easy.
Mixology is a scary science. You can’t mix just about anything anywhere, and hence having a guide helps. I got many requests on doing some really basic cocktails that I keep mixing in my house! For me its always about an easy mix of non-reactive things in your fridge, yet getting a flavour so unique that it’s worth a read.
First up are some of my previous articles about drinks-
  •          Sangaria - the perfect cocktail for a fruity summery brunch. I suggest for a party keep the juices and the syrup ready in different jars, so that all you or your guests need to do is to mix them all together, for the successive drinks!
  •          Nimbu-Colada Pops - a wonderful addition to your summery party, and can be served as a welcome drink-pop or as a dessert-pop. Minimal efforts in, but will give maximum impression!
  •         Absinthe – it’s such an interesting way to end a party with. Prep it on the spot, after the food was served and eaten. The prepping in itself will be a great adult party activity.
Click on the links up to read about all these amazing cocktails.
Now to jazz up a simple bottle of cheap unflavoured vodka for a party- put in a few pieces of fruits in it and refrigerate overnight. Next day, you will have a wonderfully fruity vodka to enjoy with a shot of tonic water and ice, the easiest cocktail ever. In the picture here, I have sliced up an green apple with a slice of orange, and let it steep overnight. In other flavours, try Kiwi fruit slices, basil leaves or cinnamon sticks.
To sip between drinks, try making a flavoured water of sorts with fruit wedges. This will keep your intoxication in check, while not creating any flavour difference. Serve the flavoured water with lots of ice!

Jazz up a classic Gin and Tonic with an orange slice and the flavour would blow your mind. Alternatively use a fresh Kafir lime leaf or a slice of it to have an even more flavourful drink.

I know beer and wine people are purists, but if you just drop in a slice of lime or lemon in a glass, the flavours would really kick up a storm in your palette. Try it, you wont regret!

And finally, how about jazzing up a Mojito with a fruit pulp? I tried it with kiwi and loved it! I am sure you can try it with some other citrusy flavours and will love it. Read all about my experiment with rum and kiwi here- Kiwi Mania with Rum

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