Monday, 11 January 2016

Borosil Prima 19 L Oven Toaster Griller

It’s not a very unnatural thing that today again I set to write about borosil. I have mentioned it far beyond and always that I have loved every single piece of their product range, since I was in college. Let’s see, so here I was writing a beautiful note for borosil, to my unborn child. Then here was I talking about all of my greatest memories of borosil; sometimes in my house, and sometimes in others'. And today here I am, writing about their newer products that I have tested and enjoyed using very bery much. Yes, I am being very truthful here. In fact I have always been brutally truthful here on my blog when I say, I like something, to something I don’t like. And borosil is beyond my likes or dislikes. It has a history of provoking me to be a better earner than anything else in the world.

Curios? Nope, doesn’t mean that I am being paid truckloads of insane money to write this on a beautiful sunny winter afternoon. In fact this article comes with no remuneration attached. It means that it had inspired me since the start to earn enough so that I can afford the luxury of owning a set of borosil bake and serve.

I am a simple girl! I grew up in a house which was like any others in a small town. But I had dreams. A bit sultry, a bit na├»ve, a bit ambitious; but these were my dreams. I fought my way out of my parent’s to stay in a hostel of Delhi University. This was the biggest, and by far the most adventurous decision of my life. A lot conspired, this side and that. But finally I was here, in Delhi, in a city that stank of wealth and power like nothing else. Here I met people staying in quaint green lined lanes of South Delhi, beautiful big houses; but boasting of dreams so shallow. Here I saw the finer things in life, the more beautiful, and the more glass like. And when I met borosil over here, I just knew I wanted the relation to last a lifetime. It wasn’t glass like, and yet so like glass. This is what I inspired to be. Don’t know if I was able to achieve what I inspired for, but I did strike up a beautiful relationship with borosil, for life.

That is precisely why, when Food Bloggers Association of India got in touch with me over a review of a new product launched by borosil, I readily accepted. Yes, the company which has been dealing with borosilicate glassware for decades now, has ventured into kitchen appliances as well. Their new product range which is about to hit the market pretty soon consists of rice cookers, juicers and convectional ovens for the domestic market. I chose to review the oven over the others, and dutifully a package arrived at my doorstep, much in time. I checked the oven by toasting some bread slices. This is the best way to understand a new oven and find spots of more heat. The panel was easy to use. The description was enough for even a person with minimal education to figure out and toast the slices well. The heat is consistent inside the oven, and is perfect for baking cakes to get an even fluff on top. I had used a 19 liter oven, smaller than my usual 60 liters, and that’s why I found it really quick to heat up and toast. So all in all, I loved my shiny silver addition to the kitchen. It proved easy to use, and very effective to heat up this winter.  

If you are looking to buy an easy oven soon, then do check out for offers and prices. After using it, I can assure you its of great quality and make. Additionally, it also comes with a 2 year guarantee.



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