Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Swiss & Britannia Chunkies Ice cream Sandwich!!

When back in the sweltering heat, I started missing the cool climate of Switzerland the most. Even
with its incessant rain and cloudy overshadows, the climate was better than the furnace Gurgaon 
has become for sure. So yes, this summer, we spent a week in Switzerland, and it was one of the
most beautiful places to be. I was fortunate enough that my first trip to the Europe actually made
me see life in Europe inside out. We met real people, living real life; unlike the fantasy one that
Bollywood movies want us to believe. We weren’t taking a conducted tour, and instead we hopped
on the train to visit places many Indian touring companies wouldn’t know of. We looked at hidden
gems of Switzerland, which was green rather than white; and had such a merry time too. But that
one trip to mount Titlis opened my eyes. Opened my eyes to what Indians are capable of doing when
they are away from their home. 5 bare chested hairy men stood in a line on the snow-capped Titlis,
screaming INDIAAAA INDIAAAA, while their wives and sisters threw snowballs at them. I mean, let’s look at it this way- that group did have a lot of fun, but it came at the cost of fellow tourists who
were not included in that group. The quiet Europeans do look down upon these things, because even 
I, being a loud Indian can’t look up at it. Were they right or wrong, is a decision I leave upto you to
decide. But coming back to my point, yup I saw the real life, lived it for a few days and now I am
missing it with a bitter sweet tang.

One thing that I most certainly do before I embark on a flight back home, is a visit to a local
supermarket. And the priced possession I am back with is a set of 3 Swiss knives that comes with a
lifetime warranty on the sharpness. Today I plan to use it to make a sumptuous dessert. A hack that
is so awesome that all you lovely people are going to be so enthused to use it this summer. Let’s
make ‘Britannia Good Day Chunkies ice-cream sandwich.’

Britannia’s Chunkies was an obvious choice considering that these crumbly cookies are overloaded
with melt in mouth chocolate chips; and their perfectly crisp outside would go very well with the
chill of the ice cream in the centre. This is hardly a recipe, but more of a skill to master. But the
outcome is so satisfying, and divine that another 1000 words won’t be able to justify it.


1 packet of Britannia good day chunky cookies

1 small tub of vanilla ice-cream

Sharp knife

Sprinklers or chocolate chips to garnish


Tear open the cookies packet to reveal 5 perfectly imperfect chocolate chip chunkies. Snack on one while you assemble the rest of the recipe together.

Take a solid tub of ice-cream out of your freezer and place it on your cutting board.

Now with a swift jig saw motion, cut an inch of the bottom off from the ice-cream tub. Place a cookie on the cut side and invert. Carefully remove the packaging material and gingerly place a beautiful cookie on top.

Transfer the cookie sandwich in the Britannia’s cookie tray and put it in the freezer to set firm. If you plan to serve it in a party, keep it covered in the freezer, until you are ready to use.

Just before serving, carefully lift the delectable sandwiches from the plastic tray, and roll it, ice-
cream side down on a platter full of sprinklers/chocolate chips. Serve fast, in the utmost casual setup
possible. These little parcels are best shared for a private dinner date, as it is the right combination
of messy sensuality to trickle in.


P.S.- Apart from being super delicious cookies, Britannia Good Day Chunkies is also giving you a great chance to meet the amazing hosts of Master Chef Australia!

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Make an amazing dish with Chunkies, nothing like the dish above mind you!

Step 2: Upload a picture of the dish with a Chunkies pack on your FB/Twitter/Instagram account with #ChefsWithChunkies. Also, put up your recipe as a note on FB or on your blog and share the link in your entry.

10 lucky winners stand a chance to meet the Masterchef Australia hosts in person on the 4th of June, 2016!

For contest terms & conditions, visit -


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