Monday, 25 August 2014

Lord Ganesha's Prashad!!

We all love a perfect bite of cake, don’t we? But we are never adventurous enough to try and offer it to our darling Hindu gods, during their days with us in our house. We are about to celebrate a 11 day long festival to mark the presence our most lovable elephant god, Lord Ganesha! Let’s entertain him this season with a good dose of lovely soft and healthful cakes, which I am sure his sweet tooth is going to devour heartily.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Freezer, Meats and all that Jazz!!

This post is quite a revelation of the changing food scenes of an average, metropolitan kitchen of India. I can count many households where roti is not made every day, while traditional rice has taken a healthy overturn of being brown and fibrous! Did we ever stop to notice our refrigerators grow, little by little! 3-4 decades ago, Indians didn’t even know the term refrigerator. Then suddenly to have chilled water or a cold drink, fridge became popular. The freezer was a tiny frosty compartment with some paltry ice trays. It was hardly used for keeping anything sans the occasional treat of ice cream. I remember of the time when fresh food was bought every day, especially non-veg, and cooked. Even today I know of families in Kolkata who go out fish shopping twice a day, every day. 2 to 3 pcs of a fresh cut fish, made and served fresh each meal, every day. They don’t understand the power of a freezer, and frankly they never should. The taste of fresh cooked soft morsel of meat is far superior that the best qualities of imported frozen meat. But, it’s a luxury, not all of us are privy of.

Saturday, 9 August 2014


A year long journey of good food and Borosil.

Now hands up from all who have and adore their borosil vessels… I am sure there are thousands of hands up now. It’s not a company that was born yesterday. We all have thoroughly loved using their beakers in the chemistry labs, and its cookware’s in our kitchen labs! Today, as the last part of this participation in #BeautifulFood contest with and, I present to you a journey of my sprouting love with the ever glamourous borosil. Every picture below is close to my heart, clicked in vessels that I possess through half a decade long collection time. 


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