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Now, if you clicked here, then you really do want to know about me. I have tried to keep postponing writing this, but I guess it’s about time I write something for the ‘about me’ page.

I am the ever smiling typical bong with big eyes and even bigger cheeks! I am the metropolitan homemaker and the new age mommy! I am the classic example of a risk taker, who left the blitzy alleys of mainstream media to become a ‘work-from-home entrepreneur’ first and now a restaurateur. I am the taste behind Zouqh and a budding QSR chain in Gurgaon, the erstwhile brain behind antarachocolates.com and the lady luck/unluck behind 2 of the most awesome boys in universe! I am Antara roy, the Anaaj Waali Ma'am...

Phew!! That came out all in one breath, with a dham-dha-dha-dham background score running behind. Between a decade in food industry, I have developed recipes for many companies, reviewed samples for a few and reviewed chef’s food for some! Currently I work towards bringing a fresh flavour to your office tables in Gurgaon. Anaaj, the QSR chain I created, has 2 outlets in Gurgaon. We are a team of dynamic 12 people from all walks of life, with a goal to serve hearty Indian nostalgic food to our corporate clients. I am a professional chocolatier, restaurant consultant turned restaurateur and have developed many unique Modern Indian recipes like Chocolate Gujiya, Poha Cookies and Chocolate Bombs!

My style of cooking is easy, everyday and modern Indian. I am here to either simplify making time consuming classic dishes or to develop new tastes of easy Indian fusion food. I wholeheartedly endorse baking and you would find many of my Indian recipes made in ovens. It’s one of the easiest ways to make proper meal in the hot and humid weather of India, and actually saves a lot of time too for our ever so fast-paced life! 


  1. Chocolate! Glorious chocolate will always make me Deliciously Happy

    1. yup.. and very fit to be the perfect food for thought!! :)


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