Monday, 1 September 2014

A Weekend Trail thru Food!!

I hate Mondays, and hate it even more when it comes after a very long weekend as the last. What a lazy monsoon type weekend it was, where I just played with my toddler, made good food, ate good food (thanks to the festivities around) and actually got confident to share my interpretation of sambhar with my ever so generous and sambhar expert, my neighbour-Aunty! It was a lazy-lazy time, where I didn’t log into my computer or any of my social media, or stepped out of my building compound.  

Friday started with a Ganesh Chaturthi bonanza. So many social visits, different idols of Ganesh and yummy Prasad to eat. That summed it all.

Yes, had these lovely ukadiche modak from one visit.

And some yummy homemade Dal-Pakwan from the other.

But nothing could beat the homemade Dosa with sambhar and gun powder, that I devoured at my Sambhar-Expert Aunty’s place! Too yum to be true.

Saturday came with a beautiful parcel, a gift from Thanks a ton guys for sending it in, have already started using the huge 35 pc dinner set!

Sunday saw me whipping up some yummy food. It was seafood thai curry and rice for lunch.

And some tandoor style prawns and babycorn as the pre-dinner celebrations, along with a twist of cocktail (about which, I will blog about separately).

Followed by some yum idly- sambhar and chutney duo, which was again so satisfying and home-made. It was indeed a lovely weekend. 

How was it at your place?

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