Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pre Diwali Party!!!

Are you looking for that perfect snack for your Pre-Diwali Cocktail Party? Perhaps, the full meal? Depending on how many guests you are hosting, keeping it simple and fresh is the only suggestion I can give you. Below, I mention all my favourites, the recipes I have developed for you over the years, which is so perfect and so simple to put together. Some have great drama involved too, which might be a wonderful party activity to involve your guests in it. So here goes the list of all my favourites-


Perfected Chicken 'Booby' Kababs on a Stove Flame!!! 

Sometimes I like to burn things in my kitchen. Yes, and deliciously so… this is a wonderful activity to involve your guests in as well. Fun and frolic in the kitchen, with cool drinks flowing in; heaven, don't u think? Same recipe could be used for prawns or baby-corn, and can be barbecued as well on an open terrace. Be creative and plan your party with your individual tastes.

The Crispy Masala Carp!

I like to include a star dish in every course surrounded with easy to put snack or side dishes. For appetizers, this is my star dish, which I surround with various dips and chutneys and serve it along with pop corn, chips and a finger salad. Perfect start to a great party.

Atta-Go Cheese Bites!!!

Another of my dish that can be prepared earlier and served cold or luke warm to the guests. It’s a carb filled appetizer, which will fill your guests enough to let u linger on the party till late.

Masala Nuts on a Plate! 

This is definitely my favourite thing to serve, and for my guests to munch on. Trust me, the tag home-made adds a beautiful twist to it as well.


The Art of Layers: Lasagne 

For the time when you feel party should be all about indulgent gourmet food, which is rather easy to put together, but is a wow dish altogether.

Summery Delight – Pesto Pasta and Preserved Lemon Salad 

When keeping it gormet, and yet healthy is what you desire. This simple spread would be perfect for it.

Weekday Dinner with Paneer Gravy-ed and Sumac-ed Cous-cous!! 

What if you desire a fusion vegetarian spread for your guests? This particular recipe is a desi-videsi mix of balance, and pretty healthy at it too.

The Biryani Express!! 

I always love dishes that can be prepped earlier for me to get time to mingle with my guests during a party at home. And this is one of my favourite things to do, one pot dish but yet so light and festive. I keep everything half cooked and layered, but finish off just before serving. This recipe is best if steamed in a proper steamer, but the pressure cooker method works wonders too.

              Pudina Subz Biryani


Labourious Love: Fresh Strawberry and Orange Ice-cream 

Diwali this year seems really hot for many places in the country. And hence an easy semi freddo styled ice cream would be a great option. Opt for packaged strawberry crush instead of fresh strawberries or flavour with other fruits! Give it your twist, but follow the recipe and technique to the T. No need for an ice cream machine in your kitchen, I guarantee!

Nutella Mugsy!!! 

Oh what an indulgent little thing, and it can be adapted in many ways as well. Make it hot, right before serving and offer a dollop of cold vanilla ice cream along! Heaven in each bite!!

My Rustic self: Baked Apples!! 

And if you are hosting a healthy fresh spread this Diwali, the dessert too has to sing out a fitting reply. These rustic little bites of soft fresh cooked apples would be perfect for the occasion.

Vanilla-Milk Jelly with Chocolat-Shaves 

But if you wanna keep it indulgent healthy, like I always do (lord Buddha’s Middle path) then these little wiggly guys are gonna be your friends for life. They are indulgent and luscious, while remaining very healthy indeed.

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