Thursday, 13 March 2014

Nutella Mugsy!!!

The new fad of 1 minute mug cakes has hit us since long! But I delayed this post as much as I could. It’s not really my kind of thing to make mug cake for myself and eat. It’s so highly addictive!! And there is nothing stopping you from making these if you have the required ingredients at hand. But now with Ansh, work and full time cooking, my outlook to see these amazing marvels of science changed. If someone came to meet Ansh, I know I can whip up a dessert for them to have in a minute. And the texture of this little mug delicacy was very close to a cake pudding that I absolutely love!

While making this cake, I didn’t really care so much for the amounts of the ingredients used. It’s entirely up to you! If you want it fudgy, add more nutella. If you want it cakey, add a bit of flour. If you want it pudding-y, then follow the recipe I am giving out here. I love my mug cake to be more like a pudding. The smooth texture keeps it very nice and enjoyably edible even after it cools down, unlike other microwave cakes. 

3 spoonfuls of Nutella
1 spoonful milk
1 egg
A big pinch of coffee


Combine the nutella and milk in a microwavable ceramic cup, and microwave the 2 on high for 15 secs.

Once the nutella melts, whisk the milk and nutella vigorously to cool it down, while fluffing the mix up.

Then add the egg, again stir it off nicely to make a nice chocolaty mix. Add the coffee and mix well.

Now microwave on high (900 watt) for a minute and 10 seconds! The cake would rise up madly and then flop down after cooling, quite like a soufle. It will remain gooey and chocolaty inside, while the top of the cake sets well. It’s almost like a wonderful mix of molten lava cake and a brownie.


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  1. Yes..there was absolutely no delay from my side to try out this recipe and was definitely worth it ...a very quick,simple and a super tasty way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Thanks Antara for sharing this recipe...the mug cake came out really well. For others who are reading this post..if u fear baking or need to make a real quick dessert this recipe is a must try . If I can get it right in the first time ..u will too....

  2. looks's a pity i dont cook...actually i cant cook :)

    1. Then u shud start with this.. its a fool-proof recipe! U jst cant go wrong with it.. keep us posted! Cheers!!

  3. Is it tsp or tbsp?

    1. I used the normal table spoon used on the table everyday. Just make sure to use the same spoon for all. No rigid measurements really!!


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