Saturday, 22 March 2014

Paper Boat- A review in the Nostalgic lanes of Childhood Favorites!!

Paper Boat’- what an awesome name...  and the young vibe behind the company is very visible! They are striving to get some nostalgic memories out, but for me, it made some new memories, that were sweet, sour and spicy!

So a mailman came with an orange pack of 8 paper boat drinks at my doorstep, for me to taste and review. Not a paid review, but something that I call a freebie review. So here tumbles down my take on these drinks, from the bottom of my heart...

Jamun Kala khatta- one of the loved, classic flavours of gola! For people who are new to India, gola is a blob of snow, which is flavoured and coloured fresh to make us swoon and suck on a stick! (uhhh.. this is a food blog, and I am serious about it.. no wayward thinking allowed!!) A kind of desi sorbet on a stick; available in every nook and corner of India. So... this flavour is very close to my heart. And paper-boat has exploited this nostalgic memory of mine well. I loved this flavour. It was just the right amount of sweet, spicy and fruity. Beautiful, and definitely my favourite flavour of it all!

Not a fan of jal-jeera, (a spicy cooler made with cumin) and; this one didn’t make me fall in love with it as well. A bit too spicy, it definitely needs a tone down in the spicy levels. The burning sensation that it left me in my throat, umm.. wasn’t pleasant at all.

Aam Panna- Loved it! Perfectly refreshing, spicy and sour at the same time! But Aamras- well, quite sweet and pulpy, but not too sure if I want to shell out 30 bucks to buy a pulpy Frooti.

Over all, the products were very appealing. The packaging was one of my favourite features of this drink. It was perfect to sip and play. Really innovative, I had never seen something like this. The natural ingredients in the drinks really shone through. But I am not too sure about this that I read on the label- ‘nature-identical flavouring substances’. It mischievously sounds a bit like chemicals disguised naturally, but again chemicals are derived naturally too! Can u imagine onions without H2So4??

I do hope they look at their price a bit. 30 INR for 250 ml of a nostalgic drink, seemed a bit too steep. I do know, the nostalgia of paying 50 paisa for a kala khatta gola would not be possible anymore, thanks to the rapidly rising inflation. But if something could be done; the A team should look at it soon!


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