Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Weekend was fun!! :)

Weekend was fun!! :)

Saturday we met with the uber energetic team behind Jiwa Healthy Ataa. Everything in that little experience centre of theirs was pretty to look at! Starting from the vertical garden, to their really innovative idea to open up a Roti Bar, it was an experience yes! A third generation of wheat millers, bound to get to these amazing heights! More on the review of the lunch we had, and a recipe using their flours coming up soon!

The whole of weekend, I had been sipping on these pretty little sippy packet of very refreshing Indian drinks. One of the best flavours of Paper-Boat Drinks according to me- Jamun Kala Khatta! Lovely and refreshing!!! Cant wait to write down the full review on these products!

And yesterday, well the colours and the heavy thandai! It was truly a magical little Holi! Cheers!!

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