Saturday, 18 October 2014

I-Can-Cook Workshops

They say, ‘to the world you may be just a teacher, but to your students, you are a hero!’ Starting on such a spiritual mode has never been me. But I am emotional this time. For this coming week I would be holding a workshop for the little kids of our neighbourhood, trying to make them learn and love the magic of cooking. It’s a magic that happens in a pan, when hot oil meets masala. It’s a magic when milk curdles to form paneer. It’s a magic when solid sugar melts in heat. And it is this magic that I want to ILLUMINATE these kids with! 

The curriculum is simple and easy to grasp. I want to go back to the roots of our Indian culture with the kids, and tell them how we thrive in our day to day life. I am excited!! It’s a fun-learn module and I will finally be a hero in some little sparkly eye! So if you reside anywhere close to Chembur area, Mumbai; come and enrol your kid to these super workshops conducted by Miryaa- the centre! I will be handling the I-can-cook module while other colleagues of mine would be handling the rest of the awesome modules planned. It’s a weeklong workshop, with all required details below!

Cheers and hope to see you there!!

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