Monday, 30 March 2015

Together with Egg and Sausage Tart!!

A good glass of wine, a hearty lunch to prep for and lots of catching up; that’s what a good weekend defines for a simpleton like me. My hubby is a busy man, more often than not he brings his work home and spends all his Saturday sorting out these mails. But still my persuasion to get him off the computer and in the kitchen with a knife is strong, and at times he does give in. It is then, that I open the choicest bottle of wine, put a nice jazzy track on the music player; and we start chopping and stirring in the kitchen; #Together.

The persuasion doesn't come easy. He does like to eat, but obviously he doesn't want to slug it off in the kitchen on a precious weekend. That is when I have to be rather creative, giving him enough reasons to not miss his laptop. I remember one such lazy weekend in Mumbai, when we woke up late to a breakfast of a big fruit platter, and wandered in the kitchen to make a hearty brunch of sausage and egg tart. For a quintessentially Indian kitchen like ours, a tart is not a common sight. In fact as a recipe developer too, I remember making it just once or twice. That’s why Mr. Hubby got extremely excited to try this savoury tart, helping me greatly to put it all together. For me, it was the best weekend ever. By the time we sat for our brunch, both of us were in high spirits and minds together. We over-ate heartily, licking everything off the tart stand.  

I am a rather rustic baker, who absolutely loves baking just breads and cookies. The intricate work like icing and sugar craft is not my forte nor anything that interests me much. In fact, icing is one of the things that I hate to eat as well. Tart excites me, and I hope to achieve required finesse soon. My dough was completely made the old fashioned style without involving any high-end machinery. I followed the simple recipe from Chef John’s I faced many problems in the dough, especially while it was blind baking. I feel the amount of butter is a bit too much, and it stuck even to the butter paper. But anyways, I am yet to establish an expertise on the crust, but the filling is what I want to talk about today.

The sausage in question was Goan Chorizo. It’s a spicy, tangy sausage with a very strong structure and lots of fat. It cooks down beautifully and compliments hearty vegetables like corn and mushrooms. The baby tomatoes and caramelized onions added the much needed zing to the filing. I paired the pie with fresh green apples, a mustard honey dip and a simple cocktail of gin and tonic, with a slice of orange and lots of ice. And with that, a beautiful memory was made, where we dined together; laughed at silly jokes together and licked off the last morsel of this rustic pie together.

All things Gone Wrong - Egg and Sausage Tart

I am glad to announce that I would be writing for another E-Magazine, pretty regularly now. The recipe has been published up there for everyone to read, bookmark and try this coming weekend. For any queries, shoot in a comment down below or in the link mentioned below. 

This is my #together story. 

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