Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Breakfast in its Glory!!

I love to be a part of a breakfast story each day. Waking up to a nice aroma of fresh hot breakfast being cooked for me is a dream I am yet to live. But the thought really perks me up… Sigh!! If only Mr. Hubby understood.
But I am not complaining. I have a hearty rich breakfast every day. Long stayers at a hotel, get that perk almost without fault. I have many many choices to order from and everything on the plate looks delish. But living in a hotel without self-control can actually cause a bigger havoc for health, than not. And that’s why, I love it when family and friends call me over for simple home fare. When I got Gupta Ji’s invite for the loveliest “Nashta” prepared by his darling wife; how could I have said no to it?

The whole idea of a healthy breakfast to me is to fill my tummy with whole grains; as a preparation of my day up ahead. Let me take you through my breakfast journey, to give you an idea of what has been playing in my mind all this while, since the revered invitation came to me.

Just about maybe she can cook a yummy plate of Oats Poha for me; which is till date one of my best recipes ever… 


Or maybe an awesome open faced sandwich like so…


A definite must have for a lavish breakfast spread has to be this awesome looking parfait, which cleverly uses up all the left over cake from dinner last night!

If you too wish to join me while I dine at Kellogg’s wale Gupta Ji’s abode, then do check out the links below- https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia. Like and Subscribe to keep getting all awesome #breakfaststories and health some recipes from Kellogg’s India.


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