Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Fit, My Way!!

Evolution is a true concept. Charles Darwin may have faced much criticism initially, but soon the world realised how important and how unchanged this concept remains all lifelong. A man goes through many stages of evolution in his life. The Kaal Chakra of life leads a baby with a mere weight of 3 Kgs to go through an evolution and shed his life at 83 Kgs.

You are athletic in your teenage, really well built by 20s and then end up with a paunch by 30s. Doesn’t that count for evolution? Marriage is a big deciding factor. Your ceremonies have such great food, so tasty, so yum, and so very fattening; and that somehow paves a way to a gluttonous journey of honeymoon and beyond! And add to that the awesome companion, the beer. Light, bubbly and supremely fattening; it just adds the missing zing to a regular plate of dal makhni, with ghee pulao and fried samosa on the side!

Now, there can only be two kinds of people in the world. One who reads this and feels offended, and the other who finds solace in the fact that there are other people like them in this world. If you are the kind who doesn’t like dal makhani with makhan, or the kind who wants it with extra makhan on the side; then you know, your figures are different, and your dressing needs be as much different! For both these kinds, Van Heusen has a dressing solution that will suit you to the fullest! My Fit is a unique combination of tailor meets readymade solution. Just that stich around the tummy area that would make you look slimmer. Or that particular colour with a different collar or a cuff link. Now all this is possible to make you look much smarter. Head to the nearest Van Heusen outlet to know more! Right now it’s just for men, but I hope they open up similar concept for women as well. Because god knows more than the mortals of the world, how much a proper fit of clothes is important for women. Cheers!

PS- This post was written as a tribute to a growing working sedentary man, and how Van Heusen came up to rescue him out of the misery. If you like it, do let me know by following me on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.


  1. Nice concept around 'sedentary man'...even i like their clothing.


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