Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dear Diary, Look Up!!

I like to think I am a simple person. All who know me, would agree that it’s not such a difficult task to make me smile! A glass of wine, a smile on my toddler, a nice song on my lips to hum and a tasty plate of warm food. All this in no particular order, is good enough to lighten my mood and bring out a broad smile on my face. I am in the middle of a huge change. It’s a new beginning in a new city right now. The business hotel that is my temporary abode for some time, is comfortable by all means for an adult. But my 2 year old toddler is yet to feel at home here. The big building has everything but a green play area which his body misses like anything. The swing where he would fly on, the see-saw where he shared a laugh or two with his friends back there. Well, I am sure his little heart misses those smiles and chuckles quite a lot. And it is that sound that my mommy ears truly ache to hear.

These days all I think of are these little play dates, calling up friends and family with toddlers and setting up meet ups. In one such wonderful day, an incident gave us chuckles for life. The little 22 month old was paired with another fellow, exactly 6 months elder to him. They had a merry time playing with lions and cars, after which came a refreshment break. The messy floors left both us mommies busy, while the tots got an opportunity to travel around the house unsupervised. Suddenly I hear my little guy calling out loudly- BATHROOM NO ENTRY. Upon rushing to the spot, I get the delight of all times. Standing firmly outside the door, 22 month old was busy arguing with the 2.5 year old, how bathroom is not for us to enter alone. Whenever this scene plays on my mind, I feel how soon did my little guy grow up? This is probably the tiniest incident of his life to talk about his growth of understanding, but this is the first and is quite unforgettable for the first time mommy- me.

The future would hold many more of such episodes. And this thought gives me strength and patience to go by. I love you my child, and I leave you with a promise to encourage and fill you with optimism for your life. I will notice the littlest to the biggest of your achievements and keep it framed in my memory to help you sail through your life.


This is my #lookup story!! What's Yours??


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