Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Facebook live with Veggie Smileys!!

This week, we made my toddler’s favourite snack- smileys. For any mother the above plate is blasphemous and she would cringe at the thought of giving this to her toddler to eat for Sunday lunch. But believe it or not, I did give this to my toddler on Sunday, and yet we were a happy duo. He was happy because he loves to have tasty finger food. I was happy because each and every component was made at home, and provided a balance nutrition to my child. The fish fingers were marinated and coated in a bread crumb mixture at home, and then stored in freezer bags. Sometimes I deep fry them, and sometimes I bake them. In any case it provides a healthy protein in my fussy toddler’s plate.

The smileys in question had carrots, green leaves and potatoes together. It was extremely tasty and my toddler finished all of these on Sunday. I saw he enjoyed feeding himself at intervals. I kept these neatly stacked in a see through glass jar. He would play, and come to grab one from the jar, eat as a snack, and back to his cars to play. It’s a sheer joy to see him feed himself, and it’s a nice feeling to be away from the chore of mandatorily sitting to feed him a meal. I let him enjoy his day, his way. And that let us both enjoy the holiday a bit better!!

I have posted the videos on my YouTube channel as well as on my FB page. Please feel free to like comment and share! Cheers!!


2 medium carrot and 2 medium potatoes boiled and smashed to bits
Salt to taste
1 cup Cornflour, to make a dough
Pepper to taste
Flavourings fresh or dried herbs to taste- I used chopped leaves of parsley, onion and garlic from my garden.
1 tbsp of oil

Tools required

A rolling pin to evenly roll out the dough
A chopstick with a round bottom to make eyes of the smileys
A round cookie cutter, or a jar lid.
A table spoon to make the smile.


We are always eager to hear your take on food, my way!!!


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