Friday, 17 March 2017

2 Ingredient Challenge with Kaju Barfi!!

It’s the weekend again… And I had been working very hard to get you covered for the weekend pangs completely. I have in the week uploaded quite a lot of videos, made and ate those things to gain weight considerably. But hey, we live one life only. And these luxurious enjoyments are the most satisfying, in the most inexpensive way possible. So if you are like me, and you feel the same; then I have got you covered with amazing video recipes for the full 2 days.

Firstly, I want to thank my favourite person in the world for a thoughtful gift in these packets of freshly milled flour. I still have no clue as to who and/or why sent this gift towards me, but I thank that unknown figure for the happiness it got to so many people. I made a sweet braided bread and brownies with it. And I thought it would be perfect to share with friends and family, considering it’s a gift I loved the most. So my friend Sourabh thanks you for the amazing brownies he ate, and his lovely wife thanks you for instilling in the desire to bake again. She did bake actually, and took it for her mother in law’s birthday bash. Speaking of mother in laws, mine is pretty happy too. She enjoyed the pillowy softness of the strawberry braided bread, and revelled on compliments given to her in a small kitty party she organized. So, you see, you actually caught the good will of many people, by this act! Thanking you to the moon and back.

I have the Sunday morning baking sorted with this luscious pillowy strawberry filled braided bread that is perfect for packing on the go breakfast or snack tiffin’s throughout the week.

But right now, let’s talk about the Friday night hunger pangs, that you know you would start feeling when the kids are packed off to bed. We are all the same, at the end, we just want to relax with nice low music, and a creamy little kind-of-guilt-free treat. It is my- 2 Ingredient Kaju Barfi.

Now I call it 2 ingredients as it is majorly just 2, but a pinch of salt is mandatory for better flavour. So count that in always. Let’s switch to the pointers, I know so many of you love that about my recipes. So here we go-
  • This is not baking, so really measurements are not that important. Taste while you make, and sweeten it to your liking. I am more of a dark chocolate and black coffee kind of person, so feel free if you need to add more or less of condensed milk.
  •  Don’t be scared of making nut butters. It just is whizzed up nuts in a mixer grinder. And cashew nuts are easiest to make butters of as the fat content in cashew nut is way more in comparison to other nuts. Even if you don’t dry roast the cashews, you would still have a very flavourful butter at your hand. Dry roasting, or warming the nuts just aid the butter formation, but it isn’t extremely important.
  • Condensed milk is your friend if you want to maintain a healthy weight, and yet enjoy these occasional treats. Why do you ask? Well condensed milk is made of milk solids and sugar, firstly a very clean product, sans any addition of chemicals. Secondly, if you mix condensed milk to fibres of some sort, and heat it up, it releases out a lot of fat. You will see in the video how much fat I removed out of these barfi’s. And yet it stays perfectly moist and fudgy for a week at room temperature. In fact, I still have some nutty laddus that I made 2 to 3 weeks back, and it is perfectly holding its shape and flavour. It is a processed, but stable product. But, please refrain from licking the full tin on its own. Then, I am afraid, I cant be blamed for it.

So I have covered all the points. And now all there is to it is for me to write the ingredients, and send you off to my YouTube Channel for the easy process of making these Fudgy Barfies.

½ cup + ¼ cup of broken kaju / Cashewnuts
¼ cup condensed milk
A pinch of salt
Optional is to add a pinch of elaichi powder/ cardamom Powder

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