Monday, 19 January 2015

Immune India

Childhood memories are precious gems of life which are supposed to be cherished and remembered for long. A child’s selfless smile just brightens a day, and render it to be as pretty as a planned extended holiday. But just as that, if the child is sick, the whole household somehow falls sick along with it. This precious energy is to be preserved, remembered as healthy and vibrant. Trust me guys, a sick child is absolutely no fun to be around.

My little guy is about to enter the big bad world of school and playgrounds with all sorts of infections around. I have been searching for an armour for him since his birth. From that precious drop of colostrum to 6 months of exclusive breast feeding to stem cells preservation; as a mom, I have done all possible things to strive for getting his future secured and immuned. But then I stop and think, is it enough? With the pollution rising to such alarming levels; where the white house has warned president Obama (who is the chief guest to our red fort celebrations during Jan 26th); to not step out jogging in Delhi. The pollution levels are bad for his health, but not for us, who live and breathe this air all day long? That is why, I need something more for my son’s immunity.

Chawanprash seems like my only resort as for now. In his growing years, chawanprash with all ayurvedic components and natural ingredients should help in building a strong base for life. We as kids have loved licking the pasty brown mix off the spoons, and so do I feel our next generation would. They say, it’s scientifically proven that Chawanprash increases immunity by 3 times. I don’t know about what’s proven or not, but sans a bout of typhoid, I don’t remember falling sick at all. My delivery and recovery was smooth too and I regained all my strength pretty soon as well! Now I don’t know if these things are interrelated, but I had licked a daily spoon of chawanprash- loving it, for more than 3 years. I am going to follow the same tradition with my little guy. You may choose whether you want or not, but I urge you to definitely try it once at least! Cheers!!

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