Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cupid Games with a Hamburger!!

I have had a crush for quite long, but I couldn’t muster up the courage to propose it to be mine till date. It’s just not in me. I just couldn’t do it for this long. It was hard, but I have decided finally that this year I will do what I haven’t done for this long. I can’t go into my 30th year of being, thinking what a coward I am. I am going to chin up and do what is expected out of a modern Indian like me. I am going to woo that precious thing, that makes me, ME….

Valentine’s Day is upon us already… phew, the time flies literally!! Being me is not difficult. A good taste is all I seek, and you have given that to me quite a lot. I know we live in a society where my love can never be christened or accepted, but I say let’s break open the shackles of religious dogma. Gods made us all equal with a sense of survival, and all we need to do is, eat!

So here it is world. I am proposing to you now, and no, my religion is not going to stop me. HAMBURGER, I have loved and loathed to have the delicious you in me for long. But when Burger King opened up in India, and decided not to serve you in their menu, I decided it was time to take matters in my own hands. And today I did. For the very first time, I got you in my kitchen. I finally made it, my love of life.
I gave you a new twist, a curried burger it was. Soft, supple but full bodied, you really blew my senses off. My husband too adored you, and I can’t wait to make you again and again. I filled you up with your eternal love, cheddar cheese; and somehow everything on the plate made sense to my palette. The balance of curried flavours, the distinctive melt in mouth juiciness, the cheese- Sigh, it was perfect in each bite. I made special caramelized wine onions and crunchy French beans to go on the side. I know, I know; you love your French fries, but for me you are perfect with a bit of green too. I mean you are such a hero dish in yourself, why add tasteless grease on the side to diminish your value…

The recipe will follow in the next post. If you liked my proposal, then do visit http://cupidgames.closeup.in/ to read how the rest of India proposed their loved ones! Do follow me- Antarazandc and Closeupindia on twitter to keep connected always. I wish you and your loved ones a very happy valentine’s day!! Enjoy to the fullest!!


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