Saturday, 19 May 2012

Perfect Fast Food: Grilled Prawns!!!

Fast food, that is actually good for you!! Yeah u heard it right.. Prawns are the perfect fast food on plate that you can ever think of. These tasty little treats are a permanent resident in my freezer. Whenever I crave for something quick and tasty to eat, they bail me out always.

This is hardly a recipe, but here is what I generally do with them.

  • Defrost the prawns and let it stand for a few minutes in a simple marinade of salt pepper and turmeric.
  • Now smear on some oil over the meat and put them on a hot griddle or tawa. 
  • Let them sit prettily sizzling away, till each piece of prawn is half cooked. While they are cooking on one side, please remember not to disturb them till the meat is half cooked. The flavour lies in perfect caramalization of the meat, and so i repeat, don't disturb the prawns till they are half cooked with a nice grill mark on them.
  • Once u reach that point, flip them and cook for another couple of minutes on the other side. Look for the meat to turn white, or if you have the tail of the prawn still on, (which I highly recommend, as its ton of flavours) then look for it to turn red!!
  • Sprinkle on some lime juice and you have a perfect little tasty treat for yourself!! 
Now u tell me if that was not fast? Its perfect to toss over a bowl of boiled seasoned pasta, noodles or rice. Or make a great little drink like Sangaria and enjoy these as munchies along with it..


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