Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jaggered Milk!!

During a friendly conversation over coffee, my long lost school friend mentioned something about an expensive brand of milk she tried once. She claimed it was better than any tetra pack that we drink from everyday. For a while now, it’s been a bit of worrying snag for me that we drink milk straight out of a cardboard pack, which doesn't even stay refrigerated. I keep wondering how many temperature differences it endures and still claim to be healthy. In our textbooks, we have always read how milk, or for that matter any dairy product, is very reactive which leads to it being spoiled easily. Then how do we ignore that and yet get ourselves these cartons every day??

So with such doubts in my mind, I went forth to try this milk that she so very praised. In came the milk man with two litres of milk, packed and sealed; along with a beautiful book explaining what happens behind the farm door.

Pride of Cows’ the name really befits them as they really take a lot of pride in their cows. Believe it or not, cows are kept in barns with instrumental music to hear and are given a buffet to decide on what they want to eat. These cows are given the five star spa treatments while the milking process is all mechanical with no human touch involved. Ah! I read in amazement...
The cynical I, was not convinced. After all it’s the taste test that the milk had to endure. So I broke the seal and boiled the milk vigorously for 2 minutes and let it cool. The much elusive thin layer of white cream-film formed within minutes of cooling down. So far so good! The thin white layer ensured that it was 100% cow’s milk, no adulterations done by mixing in other stuff, including preservatives.

I made a simple recipe which was devoured by my very finicky hubby, within minutes of making. It’s my favourite healthy way to drink milk that requires:


1/3 cup dates/sugarcane jaggery
2 cups milk


You cannot get simpler than this, can you? Melt the jaggery in a microwave or on the stove, and then slowly add in the warm milk. Mix it vigorously so that no lumps remain. Serve it hot or refrigerate it for a couple of hours, to be had cold.

This is one of the healthiest, yet the tastiest way to drink milk. No added refined product like sugar takes the health quotient of this recipe to the max. Nice, odour-free milk like that of ‘Pride of cows’ is perfect for this recipe. It can be easily poured in a mug and enjoyed or made into a beautiful dessert (coming up next!!). 
Whichever way, it still remains very healthy and amazingly yummy!!


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