Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Depression Vs Strawberry Oats Bars!!

It seems we Indians are the most suppressed and oppressed and all pressed and stressed to be the most depressed in the world. And with Deepika’s confession; we all have started using this word even more lightly than ever. Being ‘Sad’ or ‘upset’ are losing its place in the English vocabulary; and has been steadily replaced with the newer, stouter words like “I am so depressed”. If just a bad ice cream can lead you to depression, then it’s a problem. A problem that cannot be solved by any medical practitioner. A bad hair day or a chipped nail or a walkout, none of these should lead you to depression. Use the word intelligently. Differentiate between being upset and being depressed. They are NOT same. And once you have established what you are, try making this to ward off the feeling. Trust me, the effort and taste would lift your spirits high.
If you have read so far, then you must feel you need these recipes. Yup, you got me; I am making a whol;e series of three anti-depressant recipes. My theory behind these dishes are to involve you in some activity which will get you off the ‘feeling blue’ stage. Now, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. You have read it, I have read it and trust me I have felt it too. So that night, when you can’t sleep, get up and ponder about in the kitchen instead. Keep yourself occupied at all times. Plus the physical activity will lead you to a better sleep easily. Eating something colourful and flavourful will fill you up with vibrant feelings. A chocolate on the other hand would just depress more, thanks to the darker colour. But again, cacao has many properties that makes it an anti-depressant as well. So my post today and in the coming days; would be about 3 dishes, which will lighten and enlighten your day (or night). All of it are guilt free, and requires enough grease to just tire you without scaring. Don’t believe me, check it out below then! For today, it’s my oats and Strawberry bars..

To learn how to make these little parcels of vibrant deliciousness, follow the link here- http://www.smartindianwomen.com/

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