Thursday, 23 April 2015

Starting A New Life- Gurgaon!!

While travelling across the city Delhi today, I was filled with many emotions. Unarguably it started out as nostalgia, which quickly took up a pleasant feeling. What beautiful roads, perfectly manicured gardens surrounding the big spacious houses. Majority of Delhi is like this, which is a breath of fresh air after Mumbai. Both these big cities have its own pros and cons but travelling in a car with a sleeping toddler in lap, I would prefer Delhi over Mumbai any day. My thoughts drifted to focus on a big hoarding calling out #StartANewLife. And indeed it is a start of a new life for me here.

I chose to settle in NCR, rather than in Delhi. Gurgaon with its plush lifestyle and blingy roads has a 2 way charm. It reminds me of a big city, at the same time the distances are like a small city. Everything can be reached in 20 minutes, and for me that’s a wonderful feeling. Back in Mumbai, anything that could be reached in less than an hour was close by. And to my delight, this whole city pretty much winds up in that much time. I chose to stay on MG Road, which serves two purposes. The biggest being the ease with which I can quickly breeze in and out of Delhi and Gurgaon collectively.

Change doesn’t have to be bad always. In fact I am really looking forward to my time here. The food scene in Gurgaon is still nascent. Between these 3 months of me being here, I realised that the food scene is developing in a very modern urban way, and for food entrepreneur like me that’s a beautiful journey to be a part of. There is no dearth of good restaurants serving all types of cuisines here. Every corner of every street has something interesting to offer, especially these little ice-cream cycles. I find it really cute, quite unlike what I have seen in Mumbai. I know there are few quite esteemed Gurgaon food bloggers here, but compared to the other cities, the restaurant reviews here are much sparse. Mumbai had a huge network, and 1 restaurant would have umpteen reviews, which kinda made it much rounded. Resorting to Gurgaon’s scene on internet, one would find lots of small broken reviews coupled with lengthy advertorials of massive restaurants. So from now on, I am going to start a new column, reviewing these restaurants my way. I plan to cover most of the city restaurants and as I am new here, I need your support much more than not. Tell me in a comment below, what do u like here in the city. What’s your favourite, where do you hang out with your friends? Write to me, mail me on or get in touch with me on FB, Twitter and on Instagram. I am positively motivated to create some stir and a good database for all Gurgaon foodies here. Join me in my journey. We surely are gonna rock it! Cheers!! 

This is my #StartANewLife story. What's yours? 


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