Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The LunchBox Love!!!

There is no greater love on earth than the love of food. If you are reading me, I know you belong to the exact same category. As little children, we showed our love through sharing that tasty bite off the tiffin we lugged to our school. As a collegian, we showed our love by treating our special ones to a Nukkar ka Restaurant, investing some hard earned pocket money on them. These were pure, unadulterated love that signified warmth. The more we grew, the means to the end kept changing, the Nukkar ka quaint eatery got replaced; but the feelings are kept intact! Today, I don’t feel there is any greater way to show your love, but to show it through food…

&pictures asked me who do I love the most in the world. It had a pretty straight answer in my mind. They asked me how do you like to show your love to him. That too had a really easy answer for me. Anyone who knows me, knows how much a 4 lettered name has changed my life. I call it, My Little Bundle of ANSH, and I don’t think I am biologically made to love anyone any more than that.

For me, expression of love is always with a nice big home-made lunch. Like the one I did a couple of years back. But this year, I am helpless. I am shifting houses and have no access to a kitchen to cook him his favourite things. I was disheartened, and the noble folks at &pictures didn't like it at all. As they are premièring the movie- The LunchBox on the site, they readily told me a surprise lunchbox with all ingredients love would find its way to your hotel. I am happy and I am really looking forward to it….

Happy Valentine’s day my sweets!! Love you the most with most of the choicest most kisses and tightest most hugs! :) :)
XXOO Mumma & Daddy

'The Lunchbox' Premiere is on Valentine's Day, at 8 PM on &pictures

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