Tuesday, 24 December 2013

December Celebrations!!

So December is a great little time for my household. A Birthday and an Anniversary, on the same day. so the menu had to be awesome as well.

For Anniversary, it was mom's favorite Banana tea cakes, in the form of a rough cake with message encrypted with cashew-nuts on top!! A clever little trick I say, and U should steal.

For Birthday, it was the Birthday Boy's favorite Rum Souffle cake. A traditional recipe made with a basic choux pastry and eggs. I flavored it with a good glug of dark rum. If you want the recipe. write to me and I will show you exactly the way I made it!

The little bowl on the side, it was a traditional Bong dish called Payesh. Made on auspicious occasions such as a Birthday or Anniversary, its a celebratory rice porridge, uniquely flavored with jaggery made out of dates.

And thus celebrations were on full bloom!! Cheers!!

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