Monday, 23 September 2013

Work and food dilemmas!!

It’s not a new story... age old!! I have work to do so I can’t cook, lets order in today!! And this kind of becomes a repeated story for months on it. Yeah there is an easy Indian option to hire a cook. But that comes with its own pair of strings, not to mention the cost. And then, you don’t have strict office timings, when do you ask the cook to come in?? So the easy home-made solution to these woes- Maggi and others of its kind. It’s unhealthy, and hence you decide to put it off for the next New Year resolution to start eating healthy. If this is you and you have read till this point, you might want to continue on as I have figured out a great solution to these woes...
First of all, let’s look at the problem.
  •         Time: You never seem to have enough of it to look for pots and masalas on the kitchen counter.
  •     Energy: always tired to go in the kitchen... Really!!
  •     Now Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver both did some inspiring work on this front. But we dont get their food. We want our desi stuff!!

So here are the solutions to all these problems, in THREE words- PLANNING, MARINATING & REFRIGERATING!!

To read more, and I know you do want to as there are many tips and tricks that you cant forgo; click here- .


  1. You so much resonate with my thoughts...Cooking takes a lot of time,but the thing is with work is almost difficult to manage time.

    1. i am hoping this post gave you some tips to help with the situation!! and if u ever need some more inspiration, nothing better than a bottle of chilled wine.. for the excitement bit, tip some in the food, and drink all, straight from the bottle!! cheers!! :) ;)

  2. Bang on Post. My wife has a lot to study and I need to work all week. We cook on the weekends and store food for the week.
    Also, May I request you to move around the layout of your blog, some elements are not in right place.

    1. i m not too sure if cooking it at once is a great idea, try prepping and keep the cooking for the last minute.. nothing tastes better than a freshly cooked meal, but trust me, no one cares when the cut and prep was done!!
      About the layout, shoot your suggestions on... we can never really stop learning or changing!! cheers!!

  3. This is a very nice article and very apt and useful in today's world when so many women work full time and that too with no fixed working hours. One thing I would like to add to this is to make a nice base gravy once or twice a month and store it in single use portions in the freezer. This can be used as and when needed and will give different tastes depending on the veggies you add ( palak aloo, aloo gobi, mattar paneer, dum aloo etc) , and extras you put it ( yoghurt base, cream , cashew paste) or also depending on whether you make it dry or as a gravy. I am a stay at home mom but still do this all the time.

    1. Thanks Geetha, it really is a good idea!! i should try it out.. thanks for pointing out! :) Cheers!!


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