Monday, 24 December 2012

Update! Update! Update!

A three month long break!!! Phew!! I guess chocolates ruled my life and I wasn’t able to convey it to u guys. Thanks so much for letting me know how much everyone missed me. I loved every message/chat/mail I got and thus I decided to be back!! I am hoping I will be forgiven this once and I assure I will try to be as regular as possible!!

In another amazing update that happened in this while is that we won an award, a literal, materialistic award!! I was beside myself when I received my gleaming Samsung galaxy Y for our Stuffed & Braised Calamari!! Yeah, the bummer was the fact that I was the second runner up, rather being the first, but better luck next time I guess!! Thanks Indiblogger for the contest anyways. It was my first ever contest and we were very well received!!

So stay put, as I will be back for an amazing New Year party menu. Cheers!!


We are always eager to hear your take on food, my way!!!


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